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Friends of Rose Hill would like to welcome you to our website.

We are working along side local organisations to preserve the name of Rose Hill and its most revered residents Abselon and Edward Watkin. With this website we hope to keep our local and international interest alive.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Website:

  1. Impressed by the infant Website.
    Homophone Corner –
    Throws for throes
    Abselon for Absalom/Absolom
    along side for alongside
    The 1861 Census entry for Absolom (sic) identifies the house as Primrose Hill, not Rose Hill. Was it ever so called?

  2. Tried to contact you on the About us section of your website but unsuccessful. so trying this. I’m drawing up the 2017 programme for
    Ramsbottom Heritage Society and wondered if you have any speakers about the Watkin family..

  3. Hello,

    I have come across your site whilst researching a grave I found in my local Cemetry (Folkestone, Kent)

    The grave is that of Alfred Mellor Watkin (Sir) 1846-1914, I believe him to be the son of Edward W Watkin, of Rose Hill.

    I just wondered if this may be of any interest to you, I have a photograph of his gravestone, he is buried with his wife Catherine Elizabeth Payne, who lived to 90 years old in 1944. I also have a current photo of the house Alfred lived and died in, aged 68 in 1914.

    Let me know if any of this is firstly correct and secondly of any interest to you!

    Best wishes,

    Am’e Moris

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