BioBlitz Schedule

                    Would you like to join us for a mixture of fun and science this weekend?

We have arranged for a specialist team from the Greater Manchester Ecological Unit to carry out a Bioblitz (census) in the Rose Hill Woods. They will be surveying the Woods from just before sunset on the Saturday until lunchtime on the Sunday. They will be identifying (non-human!) residents and visitors and reporting on their findings. They will be happy to walk round, answer questions and glad to receive comments from anyone who knows the Woods.

The Bioblitz will be informal so you can arrive and leave whenever it suits you.

The team will write up a report on their findings and are hoping to make a short presentation at our next general meeting at 7 for 7.30 on Thursday 23 August in the parish rooms next to St Wilfrid’s Church. (The meeting will be open to everyone.)

Hope you can come along but thanks anyway for your interest.

Bioblitz programme

(Times are approximate since they will depend on weather conditions and discoveries.)


19.30 Setting 20 non-harm small mammal traps with apples, bedding, etc). Help with setting the traps welcome!

20.45 (Sunset) Bat walk. Hand-held bat detectors will be provided to change bat echo-location calls into sounds audible to humans.

22.00 End of bat walk. 


7.00 Collect mammal traps and identify species found.

8.00 to 9.00 Bird walk to identify species.

9.00 Put up gazebo (hub for collating results of surveys on computer) in the main entrance of the woods.

9.00 to 9.30 Breakfast (for humans!)

10.00 onwards Ecological team conduct survey of plants, trees, ground flora and invertebrates (members of public with special interest welcome to accompany team).

10.30 to noon  General interest ‘wild life’ walks through woods (Small groups: 30 minutes each: 10.30, 11.00, 11.30) led by ecological team.

Noon Gather at gazebo for results of Bioblitz.

12.30 Finish.

We look forward to seeing you!






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