Watkin Special 200 Beer Launch

Saturday 28th September 2019 was a special day for lots of reasons. There was a very successful event at Philips Park to unveil the plaque to Edward Watkin celebrating his contribution to public parks in Manchester. After the unveiling we all retired to the park house for refreshments and for a first taste of the Watkin Special 200 beer created by Runaway Brewery especially.

Later in the evening the formal launch of the Watkin Special 200 occurred at The Crown opposite St.Wilfrid’s Church in Northenden where Edward is buried. It was a wonderful occasion with descendants of the family in attendance and a fair amount of Watkins Special 200 drank! The beer is available at The Crown until stocks run dry. We would also like to extend our thanks to John Mouncey from Manchester parks and the team at Runaway Brewery for their support in creating this beer.

The label was designed by Jamie Rennie from JME-DZYNZ and features Queens Park, the memorial stone at Rose Hill Woods, the newspaper from 1846 announcing the opening of the parks and Edward Watkin himself!

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