The Memorial Stone & Pathways

In Rose Hill woods is a memorial stone dedicated by Sir Edward Watkin to his father. The stone was weathered and originally inaccessible. A part of the Heritage Lottery Fund project is to focus on the restoration of the memorial and the pathways in the woods creating a unique tribute to the Watkins.

Pathways in the woods are being created and restored to make the woods and the memorial stone as accessible as possible. You will find the latest pictures of the restored Memorial and pathways below going back to the stone in 2015 engulfed by a Beech tree.

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In early May 2018 a bench had been installed, lecterns placed at the entrance to the woods, more of the paths had been completed with steps to the lower pathways. For the more adventurous of you there are still hidden paths to explore!

The pathways and stone in March 2018 after the initial works highlighting the paths up to the memorial and around Rose Hill Woods.


The memorial stone in 2015.