The Sharstone

The Sharstone

The Sharstone is a glacial erratic boulder mounted on a metal simulated tree trunk was placed in front of Rose Hill House by Sir Edward Watkin MP who lived here from 1934 to 1901. It is believed to originate from the Lake District and was brought by Watkin from Woodhouse Lane Farm about 1892.

In the intervening years since the picture above the stone was gradually covered in Ivy and invisible to the passing public and residents of Rose Hill. The Friends, with the support of current residents of Rose Hill have managed to get the ivy cut back to revel the Sharstone. Just before the revelation of the stone Virgin Media started to install a junction box, directly in front of it. Happily once they understood that there was not just a bush behind the fence Virgin Media were happy to re-locate their box.

The Sharstone re-appears! An animation revealing The Sharstone in the gardens of Rose Hill House.


The view from Bronington Close with Rose Hill House in the background and the entrance to the woods on the right.


A compilation of pictures of the Sharstone. It can look very different depending on the light and how dry or wet it is!

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We will be installing a plaque near to the Sharstone later in 2018. (A sneak preview of the plaque below!)