TWS Business Plan

The Watkin Society (WatSoc) has produced a plan that we hope will take the society forward over the next few years.

We would love you to have a look as besides the details of the plan there are lots of interesting and informative sections on the Watkin story, the events that have led us here and how we intend to strengthen the Society.

The plan was formed by talking to the key people in WatSoc and through facilitation events held at St Wilfrid’s Church with a wider group of interested people and organisations.

We have a number of versions for you to download depending on your preference for illustrations and quality of text/images.

Please click on the image below to view a low resolution pdf version of the Watkin Society future plan. It may download to a folder or open in your browser depending on your browser settings. Other versions available below the image.


Click on the text to download the version you want.

Text only version (pdf, less than 1mb, seconds to download)

Illustrated wide format, low resolution version (pdf, 3mb, less than minute to download)

Illustrated wide format, high resolution version (pdf, 130mb, less than 3 minutes to download)

Illustrated single page format, low resolution version (pdf, 5mb, less than minute to download)

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